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Welcome to Typing Gamez.com where you'll find the most and best typing games for free online! Take your time as you browse through all kinds of games that vary from simple to quite impressive in terms of both quality and content. Some require you to type only letters, while others have numbers, full words or a combonation of the three. So you can see that there is just the right game for every skill level. Whether you're looking to just have some fun or improve your typing skills, you're at the right place!


ABC Jumpers Final Type the letters above the people as they fall from the sky to deploy their parachutes.
30 Sec Alphabet Letters come at you in bubbles. Type as many as you can in 30 seconds!
Alpha Speed This game will time you as you type the alphabet. Try to beat your previous speed.
Air Typer Pop the bubbles by typing the corresponding letters on the keyboard in this fun typing game.
Arachnid Falls The spiders are trying to steal your cherries! Type their letters or numbers to stop them in this fun typing game.
Assault Typing Powered Destroy enemies' planes and missiles by typing their words. Earn bigger combo bonuses and money with each successful continuous hit. Upgrade your equipment after each stage and get power ups.
Bitter Boss Click on the animated object and type the bosses command.
Bomb Squad Defuse the bomb before the fuse runs out by typing the sequence of characters on the screen.
Farm Defender Type the letters on the birds to knock them out of the sky before they reach the top of the screen.
Fast Typer This is a fun race against the clock.
Football Typing Key the words as they appear on the screen to hit the soccerball into the goal in this sporty typing game.
Key Krusher Type letters as they raise off of the keyboard. This is good for helping to see where the keys are on the key board.
Kids Typing This is a great game to help kids learn the letters of the alphabet.
Alphablitz Type the falling letters to explode them before they hit the ground. How many zones can you complete as the letters drop increasingly faster?
Magic Library Type the letters on the books as they fall before they reach the bottom of the screen in this spooky typing game!
Magic Spells Outsmarting the evil witch is the object of this game. It has wonderful graphics and great sounds, which will capture your interest and keep you hooked throughout the game as you improve your typing skills
Nature Typing Type the words as they fall from the sky before they hit the ground with a nature scene in the background.
Quick Type Type the words as fast as possible before they disappear. Type ten words without messing up to make a combo.
Rhythmix Calculix Type the answers to the math problems as they appear and do it in rhythm with the music for extra points!
Snow Typer Input the word before it hits the ground. Don't mess up, or the snowman will start falling apart.
Speed Typer II Type the words on the screen and get powerups to help you along the way and give you a higher score.
Speed Typer III Type the words on the zombies before they get to the bottom. Use bombs and shotguns to make it easier.
Sunrise Typer Type the sentences to bring the sun above the horizon. Type faster to get more points.
Tarantuloid Typing Terror

This is a first person shooter game to test and help improve your touch typing skills. Enhanced with a eight different training guides and a target practice option, your typing skills will improve greatly if you spend some time on this game.

The Essay Keep up with the essay so that it doesn't cross the line. This is an Essay written by Grace Rhys titled “A Brother of St. Francis”. Compete against your friends or yourself for the high score.
Tomo Bot Type messages to Tomo and check out his reactions. Some of them are very intuitive!
Type Command Robot A damaged robot needs you to continually refresh its memory by typing data to keep it moving. Words per minute really count in this game.
Type Revolution Type the letters as they pass through. Get combos and get the best score possible.
Typing 01 This is a pretty easy typing game. Name each letter as they appear before they disappear to get points.
Typing Arcanoid Final Type the letters as fast as possible and don't mistype or you'll lose bonuses. It's like Tetris for typing!
Typing Monster Type the magic spells to defeat the beast. Protect yourself by typing the numbers on fireballs.
Typing Test Another thirty second typing game where you hit the keys as the numbers and letters come up on the screen.
Typing Toodle Type the letter when it gets to the center of the screen. This is a very basic example of typing games.
War of the Words Type what is attached to the enemy ships as they get closer to you so your ship will shoot them down with lasers.
Word Invaders A cross between Missile Command and Space Invaders, this game pits the user against a horde of ever increasing falling words. Watch your typing skills increase as you attempt to save the city from an alphabet of invaders invaders.
Word Wise Jetsetter Help the Jetsetter faker learn big words by typing them before time runs out.
Word Work For this addicting word game you are given two words. Convert from the first word to the second with the least number of moves.
Words Trap Type the words as fast as possible to get them out of the way and escape from the trap. Careful now!
Axis of Evil Choose your WPM's and use your typing skills to finish your missions.

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